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An-Alice-is’s Frontspiece

December 3, 2009

As you may notice, this blog, Alice Project 7 AKA “An-Alice-Is in Wonderland”, has a fairly interesting header image. It shows a collection of memorable objects from the story, such as the Pool of Tears.

First of all, to clear things up, this was not taken from any source. It was drawn by me, in fact, and aimed to show some of the objects that led us to believe that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland should in fact be analyzed.

On the far left, there is the pocket watch, obviously the one of the White Rabbit. He was a key character in the story… it probably wouldn’t have been the same without him. He brought much confusion, although some insight to analysis as well. The watch can also represent Time, as discussed by the Hatter.

Next to the left is an odd plant. This plant has been spotted frequently in Tenniel’s sketches, and it is very strange. Some say that it is a tobacco plant. This might be so, and could be connected to the other drug references such as the Hookah. Other than that, why might it be there?

Below the plant is a small puddle, dubbed the Pool of Tears. This symbolically represents Alice’s grief througout the story as well as her childhood innocence which might have been the end of her during the story. She almost drowned in that pool of her tears.

Next up is the Hookah that the Caterpillar had smoked. I wonder why a smoking device was added into this story… it does add to the abstract nature of Wonderland, but still, why? It may lead to the fact that this story is in fact for adults, as well. There could also be that tobacco plant, adding up to two drugs.

In the back of the whole image, the Cheshire Cat’s smile looms over everything. It was a mysterious symbol of Wonderland, being so abstract. Other than the phrase Carroll may have played off, what was the reason for Carroll adding that little bit of originality? It does seem to represent the madness of Wonderland in some weird way.

Attached to the words of the title, a READ ME label is in the image. It alludes to the note saying DRINK ME or EAT ME, therefore the bottle and cake. These were the first modes of transformation into Wonderland’s ways for Alice. It also represents the mode of transportation into reading our wonderful blog site.

A card sits next to the title on the right, saying In This Style 10/6. I really don’t see much in this, other than the slight possiblity that it alludes to ten major characters and six minors. It also alludes to the ever-so-mad Hatter.

The last item on the right is a playing card, printed irreverently with a six of diamonds. It alludes to the playing card-people of Wonderland as well as the King and Queen. Also, the dangers of Wonderland… specifically execution by beheading.

Also, if it hasn’t dawned on you yet, the title itself is a play on words. It sounds like Analysis in Wonderland, but is spelled like An Alice is in Wonderland, or simply Alice in Wonderland.

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