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A Dream May Be the Only Possible Solution

December 3, 2009

From the beginning of the book there has always been the thought that Alice is fast asleep and is dreaming all this nonsense. The very first sentence of the story says, “Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank.” Looking back on it, it seems like Carroll is immediately telling us that it is a dream. I realize that if I had figured this out in the beginning everything would have made a lot more sense. In most of my first blogs I questioned the possibility of everything that was going on. Although I was a little disappointed when I finished the book and found out that she definitely was dreaming the whole story. It seemed like an easy way out of a complex story. After talking with a couple of my fellow classmates, they too feel a little betrayed by the ending. I felt this way with many movies that have ended this way too.

While commenting on a blog posted by Deron about what Alice should be thankful for, the ending of the book struck me in a new way. I answered the prompt saying that Alice should be thankful for the fact that the whole thing was just a dream. I mean how was Alice every going to get out of Wonderland? There was no way that she could possibly go out through the rabbit hole that she came through. Then I realized that that was the only way that she could have left Wonderland. It seems like that was Carroll’s only option and he had set it up from the beginning.

My question for you is: Did you know for sure that it was all just a dream from the beginning or were you undecided till the final chapter when she woke up? Be honest.

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