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A Pinch of the Real World: Analysis of Chapter Four (2 of 2)

November 7, 2009

After Alice runs away from the cottage that she had gotten suck in, she encounter a dog. At first I thought nothing of the dog and assumed it was another one of those random surprises that were prevalent in Wonderland. Then I realized that this was the first time that Alice had encountered something that wasn’t extraordinary or new to her. This dog has nothing special about it. The only reason it is so big it just because Alice has shrunken. It doesn’t talk, or wear clothes, or stand on its hind legs. In fact this dog acts quite natural. I didn’t think I would ever say this about anything in Wonderland. This is also ironic because that is the same phrase used by Alice when she describes the Rabbit in the beginning of the story, which isn’t natural at all. Why didn’t Alice think that this was natural, a regular barking dog that played fetch? I think that this dog is a little pinch of reality or memory from the real world. Alice runs away from this dog, reality, and travels deeper into the Wonderland.

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