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Off With Their Heads!: Analysis of Chapter Nine (1 of 2)

November 25, 2009

Chapter nine starts off with Alice talking to the Duchess that she had previously met. Alice notices how she is in a much better mood than she was the first time she saw her in the house. Alice supposes that she is not so sour because she is not in that dreadful kitchen that was so full of pepper. She says to her self that when she is duchess she won’t have any pepper in her kitchen at all. After reading this i thought it was weird that Alice has thought about being a duchess. Why would she want to be a duchess when she talks about how ugly this one is? Then the Duchess starts telling Alice all about morals and how everything has a moral. While she is telling her all of this, the duchess seems to annoy Alice and intrude on her personal space. This is the first time that Alice has been the one that is irritated by someone in wonderland. She has been confused by inhabitants of Wonderland frequently, but now it seems like the tables have turned. Usually she is interested in them.

As they continue to discuss morals the Queen comes up and stops the Duchess in the middle of her sentence. The duchess seems very afraid and threatened by the Queen before she even speaks. The Queen then runs off the duchess and takes Alice back to the game. As everyone played the Queen frequently shouted “Off with her/his head!” Every time the Queen said this which ever player she was referring to would be taken off into custody by the soldiers, who were playing the part of the arcs. They played until all the arcs had left and the only ones left playing were the Queen, the King, and Alice.

Why do you think that the Queen was so generous with Alice but vicious with the other players.

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  1. Edward C. permalink
    December 1, 2009 11:08 pm

    First of all I would like to say that I believe that the Alice’s seems irritated with the Duchess because she believes she could be a much better and prettier Duchess. Carroll tells the audience that Alice does not want to be around the Duchess because she is ugly and has a pointed chin. I believe Alice’s competitive side is being revealed.

    I believe the Queen is scared to question Alice’s position. Of course Alice is not of high rank like the queen but she is one of few characters that dare question the queen’s power. You would think that the characters in Wonderland realize that none of the characters the queen sentences to execution really get executed. I found it interesting that after these characters realize this fact they are still afraid of her. Would you be intimidated of some one who can only talk smack but never applies any action?

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