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Mouse Tails and Tales: Analysis of Chapter Three (2 of 2)

November 7, 2009

In Chapter 3, the Mouse tells Alice and the group his tale. Alice thinks the Mouse is actually talking about his tail. Then we read the mouse’s tale shaped as his tail on the page 34 which, in the side notes, is called an emblematic verse. This tale is supposed to explain how he dislikes cats and dogs, but the tale doesn’t even mention a cat. The first word of the tale, Fury, is referring to a fox terrier that Carroll’s friend owned. Also later in the tale it refers to the dog as cur. In this tale is a threat to the mouse from the dog who says he will condemn him to die because he is the jury and the judge of this trial they will have. They will have this trial because he dog has nothing to do. After the tale had ended the mouse gets mad at Alice. Alice still believes that we are talking about his tail and so when the Mouse says “I had not!”, she thinks that she need to undo the knot from his tail which is foolish because she can see his tail and there does not look like there is a knot. This makes the Mouse angry because Alice is talking nonsense and he was trying to tell his tale. Alice then insults him by saying that he is easily offended which it seems he is. Alice being the ditsy girl she is also offends the birds because she talks about Dinah. She talks about how Dinah can catch a bird really fast and will eat it. This terrifies the birds because Alice wishes that Dinah was there with her. The birds think that Alice wants to get rid of them because she talks about how Dinah catches and eats birds and the birds are right there listening. Then  all the birds make up these random excuses to leave so they won’t get eaten by Dinah. Then, once again, Alice was alone, crying, and wishing the Mouse would come back and finish his “tale.”

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