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Here You Go, Alice

November 7, 2009

Alice’s curiosity had taken her to a wonderful land that is full of surprises. Her curiosity also gets her in trouble and puts her in difficult situations. Whenever Alice gets in one of these situations it seems like Wonderland or whoever wants her to be in wonderland, (refer to my other blog, A Staged Arrival to Wonderland) gives her a way out of this situation or mulligan. The first time I noticed this is when she had just fallen down the hole and she grabbed a jar of marmalade not knowing what she was going to do with it. Then as she continued to fall another shelf showed up where she get sit it back down. Now you may say that this isn’t really anything and it is not apparent, but just wait. The second time was when she had given up trying to fit through the small door and returned to the little glass table only to find a bottle. After she drank the contents of the bottle she began to shrink. She was so small that she could not reach the key that she had forgotten on the table. Although, luckily for Alice, there just happened to be a cake waiting for her underneath the glass table that could make her grow. Another example of her curiosity getting the best of her takes place in chapter four when Alice enters the cottage and finds another bottle. However this time the bottle has an opposite affect on her. She grows much bigger and fills up the room. Once again, Alice is literally stuck in a very uncomfortable and potentially dangerous situation with threatening remarks from the rabbit. Just a she is about to be burnt along with the cottage she is hit in the face with several little pebbles. Then remarkable these pebbles began to turn into little cakes that she quickly ate. After Alice shrank back down she ran out the door and escaped. There are several other instances where Alice is given a second chance and I am sure there will be more to come.

After thinking about the multiple times Alice has changed in size it seems as if someone is tricking her. At first I though that someone was watching her and guiding her through stages, but now it seems like they are trying to trick her. When Alice first drank the liquid and ate the cake, the liquid made her shrink and the cake made her grow. However the second she came across a bottle it effects were the opposite if the first and it made her grow. Like us, the readers, Alice probably thought that it would make her shrink, like before. Then the cakes also had the opposite effect and made her shrink. Does this mean that someone is setting Alice up for failure now that they have her in Wonderland?

Thereis a link, here, Alex. Near the beginning there’s some parinthesis

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