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Why So Interested?

December 2, 2009

Recently on Mr. Long’s blog about The Alice Project, I saw a post about the new television show about Alice on the Syfy channel.

I have one question: Why is everyone so interested in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland so suddenly? Tim Burton is remaking the Alice in Wonderland movie with real people instead of cartoons and there is a new TV show. I understand that everyone loves the story and that kids love all of the crazy characters and the happy go-lucky energy, when you read the Disney version of the book or watch the Disney movie, but why are people making TV shows about it right now. The 50th anniversary of the Disney movie is 2 years from now and that is probably one of the biggest reason that Alice in Wonderland would become so popular. Also the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is in 6 years.

I don’t mean that I’m not excited about all of this, because I am, it is just that I haven’t heard anything about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland for many years until this year. I am actually really excited for the upcoming TV show and the movie that will come out next year. I am a Tim Burton fan so I’m definitely going to see the movie. Alice in Wonderland is a wonderful story for children and I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the people that go see the movie and watch the TV show are children. They have a weird fascination with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland because of her dream world and they are similar to her because children seem always to have make up worlds where it is their perfect world to live in.
The new Syfy show, Alice, comes on December 6th and it is a two night event. For more information on the time and the description of the show go to Mr. Long’s Blog. Here is a trailer for the new Tim Burton movie Alice in Wonderland from YouTube. Here is a link.
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