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It’s Hard Out There For A Blogger

December 2, 2009

When my classmates and I started this school year, we were assigned to blog on “Chase The Rabbit,” about four times a week. I enjoyed doing these; they seemed to be an excuse for less homework, and they were pretty fun I guess…

Then we started the Alice project, which also meant managing and updating our own blog.

It was around this time I started “disliking” the idea of blogging. It’s a tough process, especially for the editor. They have to proofread the team’s blogs, manage the appearance of the site, make sure everyone is turning in their work on time, all the while trying to keep up with their own work. Maybe it is better… I like having control like that. The task of blogging is always hated upon, and there are many bloggers that get criticized for their work. One that comes to mind is Perez Hilton. He’s just an average guy, and he has all these haters coming at him with their complaints.

The bloggin’ world also comes with many late nights, just so one may get that last juice of analysis out of their brain before they pass out. But blogging is more than just time management and back-breaking work. It’s also a lot of heartache…

Here’s my story, and after you read it, I would like to hear one of your own…

Near the start of The Alice Project, the teams learned that they would need a layout for their web page. As soon as I typed in “WordPress Layouts” into Google, I found this beauty…

The "Rabbit Hole" Theme

Oh yes folks, it’s an Alice In Wonderland Layout…

Notice the rabbit hole, that in the actual site would flow to the bottom. You might also see the little rabbits placed throughout. Even the search bar has a magnifying glass. You might think that is a common feature, well I say it’s a reference to Through The Looking Glass. You might also notice that this layout is not apart of our website. It turns out that this layout is only for, but there is a way a computer genius could still get it for us. So I went to one, and they could have done it, but to use the program, and blah blah blah… would have cost money. I’m all for helping the team, but I can’t spend that much money on a picture! Although it did seem to be a gift from God, and you can’t ignore God…

But I couldn’t pay up. It’s Hard Out There For A Blogger, especially when he’s trying to get money for his rent, his Cadillacs, and the gas money spent.

But this series of unfortunate events did lead to something good. I began noticing “Alice” everywhere. There are examples in music, as you could see from my previous and following blog. I was also hit by fate one day, when I was sitting in a Chick-Fil-A. I turned my head and saw this photo…


It just happens to be their newest advertisement, and it happens to be in an “Alice” theme. Besides the fact that they are all cows, this photo is a close replicate of a Tenniel illustration of “The Mad Tea Party.” (Which you may see below.) In the front is the White “Rabbit,” and there is even a rhyme that could be in the style of Lewis Carroll. Overall, this project is difficult, but it does do a nice job teaching us not only about Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but also to look out for the details around us. But it’s not over yet…

The Original Tenniel Drawing of "The Mad Tea Party."

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