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Is Alice Enjoying Wonderland?

November 9, 2009

Thinking back on what Alice has been through in her adventures in Wonderland, you have to ask yourself is she really having fun. First she falls down a rabbit hole and thankfully lands softly when she hits the ground. Then she goes through the whole fiasco of trying to get through the door to the garden. First she was reduced in size to fit through the door. However she was too small to reach the key on the table. She then eats a cake that causes her to grow much larger and actually hits the ceiling. All these size alterations has to be traumatic for a girl her age. The hopelessness of her being able to fit through the door leads her to tears.

She ends up shrinking back to normal size and almost drowning in her own pool of tears. Then she meets up with a group of talking animals that end up leaving her after she mentions her cat, Dinah. After all this she ends up being physically stuck in a cottage, which has to be very uncomfortable for her. Then she is almost burnt alive by the rabbit as a way of getting her out. This also must be very terrifying for her. This is the second time that she has almost died. Then while she is stuck, she gets hit in the face with pebbles.

Later on Alice is told to eat a mushroom to adjust her size. After she grows so high that she can see the tops of the trees beneath her, she is attacked by a bird. The bird continues to attack her because it mistakes her for snake. All these events would certainly frighten Alice. If all this is true, why is she still there and not looking for a way out?

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  1. Alex C. permalink
    November 30, 2009 11:15 pm

    You make a good point. It is very interesting how so many unfortunate things happened to Alice. Considering that this book was written for a 10 year old makes the many unfortunate things questionable. I can only see these incidents as being part of her “adventure” in Wonderland. I know it seems cruel, but I’m sure that Carroll meant well with his story.

  2. Hersh T. permalink
    November 17, 2009 11:29 pm

    Wow, I had noticed all of these horrible things but had not put them together. You are right, there is a feeling that she is NOT having fun and even being hurt. I begin to question why Carroll made it so violent and the only solution I could come up with is maybe he is teasing Alice for some quirk she has. I agree though, in a natural story, wouldn’t she be trying to find a way to escape? To leave all this horror and madness. For it is simply that, madness. Congratulations.

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