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Turtle Soup: Analysis of Chapter Ten

December 3, 2009

In chapter ten, the Mock Turtle, Gryphon, and Alice talk about this weird dance called a Lobster-Quadrille. A quadrille is a type of square dance and it was one of the most difficult ballroom dances. In the Lobster-Quadrille you are paired with a lobster as your partner. The Mock Turtle sang the song to it and the Mock Turtle, the Gryphon, and Alice all dance along. This song is about a whiting and a snail who are walking to go to the dance. They are going too slow and are about to be run over by a porpoise. All of the turtles and lobsters were waiting by the shore for everyone to start the dance. The snail says he does not want to dance because it is too far. The other shore they go to is towards France where he would not go. He would not go because in France they eat escargot, which are snails.

After Alice, the Gryphon, and Mock Turtle finish the dance they talk about whiting. Alice is about to say she sees a lot at dinner, but then she realized that they would get offended and stopped herself. They talk about how the whiting “does the boots and shoes,” which are made up of Soles and Eels. Then Alice talks about how if she were a whiting she would have told the porpoise to back off and they don’t want it there. Then the Mock Turtle explains why every fish should have a porpoise. The next thing Alice did was tell them her stories in Wonderland and about the characters she had met so far. She even explained how she could not recite anything the right way anymore. Then the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon tell her to recite “Tis the voice of the sluggard”. Again Alice could not recite it correctly because she had the Lobster-Quadrille stuck in her head. At the end the Mock Turtle sings Alice another song called “Turtle Soup” which makes him very sad. Then when the song ended someone shouted the trial is beginning. Alice and the Gryphon go to see it and in the distance they can still hear the Mock Turtle singing “Turtle Soup.”

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