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Take a Walk in Wonderland’s Shoes

November 6, 2009

When we read “Alice Adventures in Wonderland”, we naturaly see things as Alice does. Alice is the protagonist and we see the story from her point of view. So we assume that Wonderland is this strange random world were unpredicted surprises are around every conner. Every character is something that doesn’t exist in the real world.

Have you ever thought of what Alice looks like to the inhabitants of Wonderland? Have you ever thought of how she might be the weird random one to them. Imagine some girls comes falling into your world constantly changing size. She makes a pool out of her tears. Then runs into your cottage and grows to fill up the whole room. When you read it like this it is a completely different story. It makes you ask, Who does this Alice girl think she is, barging into Wonderland?

What if the story had been written from the other characters’ point of view? “Mysterious Girls Comes to Wonderland” would be the title. Then everyone would analyze how random and strange this girl is, instead of Wonderland being strange.

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  1. Sylvia A. permalink
    December 3, 2009 7:56 am

    Keith this would be a very interesting thing to dive into: Wonderland’s Perspective on Alice. They must be scared out of their wits! Alice is disturbing the peace in Wonderland and there is no one equipped to stop her. But I wonder, since maybe no one seized Alice in the beginning they do have experience with this type of thing? I mean, it’s a rabbit hole. Any one could go down the rabbit hole. So maybe the animal/people/human whatever-you-call-its of Wonderland have already seen this happen before. Even if its famailiar a chaotic event is never happily welcomed, so that explains the coldness of most of the animals towards Alice. Wonderland’s version could also have various perspectives, like the Rabbit, the Cheshire Cat, the Queen. The possibilities are endless. It would be a nice neat compilation of maybe journal entries from the cratures themselves! Wouldn’t that be a splendid read. I think I would quite like that rather than Alice’s side of the story!

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