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Final Thoughts

December 3, 2009

Here are my final thoughts on the Alice Project.

This project was very fun and I would have no problem doing some other type of project like this again. This project has helped me with my writing and my analyzing skills. Also I loved reading the book even though there were some confusing parts of it. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have opened my eyes on all of the children books I have ever read. I have never noticed how much death and destruction goes on in these books. I was always to into the stories and the pretty colors. The books always try to pull away from the story with all of the illustrations and colors. This book was refreshing and there wasn’t many pictures in the way so I couldn’t focus on the story.

The Alice Project should be an experiment for other schools to see if their writing is better afterward. Also it would help everyone see that the Disney movie is actually based on a book that is written for a little girl. I would also be very curious on what they thought of the project.

I hope someday that this project could go national and maybe international. Also I could say that I was one of the first people to do this project and I was a student of the teacher who invented this project. This would be amazing to me and this project will be the highlight of my life as a student. One day after I have graduated college I hope to find this website and read all of the posts that come after we finish the project. This was my favorite project yet and I hope this project continues in the next generations of tenth grade students at my school.

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