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All the Same, No Name

December 2, 2009

This concept could be completely irrelevant… or it could mean a lot.

To start off, the protagonist of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is Alice, obviously. Throughout Wonderland, though, there are plenty of other key characters. To name a few… well, technically, that’s the problem. None of the other main characters in Wonderland have actual names.

The Cheshire Cat, the White Rabbit, the March Hare, the Queen of Hearts… the list goes on. “The” seems to be a consistently used word. Though, there are small, possibly irrelevant exceptions. There were characters such as Bill and Pat, though they are arguably very minor characters.

However, here’s another thought. This can be related back to Lord of the Flies; the children came to the island and most of them resorted to savagery, basically losing their identities along the way. Wonderland can substitute for the island and Wonderland’s inhabitants for most of the boys. Madness for savagery. The inhabitants have lost their identities, leaving only characters such as Bill or Pat, the ones who haven’t entirely turned. Those two did seem to be some of the less mad characters. Bill did seem rather stupid, though.

This can also relate back to how the characters may be trying to point out that Alice is in fact mad as well, or trying to drive her mad. She was frequently referred to as a ‘little girl,” rather than who she was, Alice. Alice did seem to fall to the madness throughout the story, though in the end she did conquer the turning and drew up her confidence.

Is that truly what was going on? Is there some other explanation? You decide.

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  1. Jessica permalink
    May 25, 2011 11:37 am

    thankyouu veryy much for this great comparison..i didnt notice half this stuff!!

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