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Cats, Dogs, and a Talking Mouse: Analysis of Chapter 2 (Part 2 of 2)

November 3, 2009

In the end of Chapter 2, Alice finds a mouse swimming in her puddle of tears. She had since then shrunk down to the size of the mouse and was swimming in her own tears. Once again Alice meets a talking animal and, once again, it seems like she is not surprised that the mouse talks.

Is this because she is still a child?

Maybe she believes in talking animals?

This seems like a reoccuring theme in the book and I think this has to do with some type of symbolism that we will find out later in the book. Alice keeps referring to the mouse as “O mouse” as she talks to it. Referring to the mouse like this shows that again she was trying to sound smart, like in Chapter One, by using it from Latin Grammar. It is also present that Alice is not very good at history because she possibly thought the mouse was French and came over with William the Conquerer. Thoroughout this book Lewis Carroll shows many spots where Alice is not very smart and says the wrong things. This happens again in Chapter Two when Alice starts speaking French to the mouse and says, “Where is my cat?” Alice also says that her cat, Dinah, catches mice and kills them. The mouse is terrified by now and Alice then talks about a dog that kills rats. Alice is not thinking what she is saying at this point and you can tell.

Please answer me this question:

Why do you think children not think about what they are saying? Could we ever change this?

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